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Bulk Billing Doctors Melbourne


Over the years we've found bulk billing doctors to be very cost effective for services such as when you have a minor ailment, or require a medical certificate for work. Finding a bulk billing doctor around Melbourne that bulk bills all patients (not just students, pensioners, or low income card holders) can be quite difficult. It seems new practices may start off bulk billing to get established, but once established, drop bulk billing for those on higher incomes.

The aim of Bulk Billing Doctors Melbourne is to provide maps to make it easier for you to find doctors that bulk bill all their patients. The desktop page shows a large map, whilst the mobile page shows a small map with the ten bulk billing doctors nearest you.

Please be patient. At this stage I've only listed a limited number of doctors or practices on Bulk Billing Doctors Melbourne, but will add more over time. If you know of a bulk billing doctor or practice that can assist others and you feel they could be added to Bulk Billing Doctors Melbourne, please feel free to let me know.




Using the maps

Hover your mouse over a pin to see full details. Move around the map and zoom as required.

The location is the address of the doctor/practice.

If the doctor or practice has a website click on the pin and you'll open their website. If they don't have a website this page will open.

Bulk Billing Doctors Melbourne

This site only lists doctors who bulk bill all patients irrespective of income level. If you find a doctor listed on Bulk Billing Doctors Melbourne that doesn't bulk bill all patients, please let me know so I can remove their details. This site is not guaranteed to be error free, so please contact the doctor or practice first to make sure they bulk bill irrespective of your income level.


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