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Seniors Card Vic


Seniors Card Vic provides a map of businesses that have provided me with a seniors discount.




Yes I've reached that age where I now have a Seniors Card. Many businesses provide seniors with a discount but it can get pretty confusing. Each business within a retail chain can offer different discounts. Some discounts are worth it, whilst others not so good. Through this map and the comments I'm sharing what I find with the discounts being offered.

Now keep in mind even if what I find isn't good for me, it may be good for you, so please use my comments and decide what's best for you.

Using the maps

Hover your mouse over a pin to see full details. Move around the map and zoom as required.

The full details includes the name of the business the location, type of discount offer and any other comments.

NOTE If you've recently taken advange of a seniors discount and wish to have it added to the map you are welcome to contact me via email. My contact details can be found on my site Online Connections.


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